The use of light has a powerful effect on our photographs. Like the air we breathe, light is usually taken for granted. A deeper understanding of light takes our photographs beyond snapshots into the expressive realm. To use light effectively in photography is to learn a new language: a visual language.

This session offers a study of that language. It shows how to bring power and drama to photographs through the creative use of light. Discover ways to use existing light and your on-camera flash in order to improve your photographs.

This personalized 2-hour session offers one-on-one coaching to help you use light more creatively. Once you've registered, prior to the session, there is a free 15 minute phone/skype consultation so we can discuss where your current interests lie and use those interests as a framework for your learning.


  • Study examples of the impact light has on the appearance of a photograph
  • Creating mood and feeling with light
  • Understanding the role of contrast in photography
  • Learning to see and use existing light
  • Key characteristics of light
  • Applying exposure basics
  • Knowing your exposure controls
  • How and when to use exposure compensation
  • Exploring metering modes
  • What is an exposure mode?

What you'll learn:

  • Effective metering
  • To use exposure controls more creatively
  • To be aware of light and know how to analyze a scene for lighting possibilities
  • Understand the role of contrast in photography
  • Understand and make choices about white balance
  • Use the basics of on-camera flash to enhance your pictures
  • Meter a subject in a way that allows the intended image to be made
  • Discover the best lighting conditions for different subjects
  • Work with the challenges involved in shooting at different times of the day
  • Use white balance and your camera presets to create your own signature look
  • Unleash the power of your flash unit with a few basic techniques
  • How to compose with light
  • Learning to predict the best times of day for desirable light
  • What to do if the light is not cooperating

Each coaching session is two consecutive hours or longer if requested. Cost for one person is $195.00 cdn. The price includes one hour of instructor's travel time within the Greater Toronto Area. Additional travel cost of $75.00 per hour plus expenses will apply outside of this area. Location is determined by the instructor. Contact us for details about discounts for teaching groups of 2,3,4 or more people.

Contact by phone  (office 416-778-6521 - mobile 647 286 1705) or email ( to book a time. Payment can be made online using the PayPal form on this site. Full payment at least five days prior will confirm the date for the session.

Working with Groups Worldwide:
All of Michael's workshops can be adapted to group settings and delivered at the location of your choice anywhere in the world. In this case workshop fees are per person; location, travel and production fees will be extra. Detailed estimates are available on request. Michael currently teaches these skills in college programs throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Michael is known primarily for the intuitive, natural way that he photographs people and places. His formal portraits, as well as his travel and documentary images of people are all built on a foundation of trust and respect. Michael's work explores the themes of identity in the individual, the family and the community.

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